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Eredi Gnutti Metalli Spa

07th of December 2016.

E.G.M. spa has commissioned to Gruppo Felappi the full realization of electrical system for the new rolling line (rolling mill for copper) from medium voltage on board machine including the distribution of power electric control panels.


Eredi Gnutti Metalli Spa

Eredi Gnutti Metalli Spa is an historical metallurgical company, successful worldwide and established in 1860, after the first collaboration in 2012 for the construction of electrical installations at the service of “angular-new mill”, it relies on Felappi Group Srl the following plants;
Installation of continuous casting line.

  • Heat treatment furnace.
  • H2 generators installation.
  • Supply of new Power Center lines.
  • Supply of new casting management PLC.
  • Realization of electrical plants for the production of the above listed lines.